Instant home payments are a way to bypass stressful situations and quickly access the money you need. At present, many people are frightened by the prospect of standing in long queues or having to spend a few hours dealing with formalities at the bank. Sometimes, during the application procedure for this type of loan, we will not even require a bank account. Where do you get payday loans home? Who can get them? Let’s check it!


Payday loans home

Lenders are aware that, at the moment, the most important thing for consumers is not only time, quality of service, but also convenience. Therefore, the standard offer of loan companies assumes the course of the entire online application process, and the loan is obtained by transfer. However, there are companies that also offer their clients other types of non-bank loans . One of them is payday loans home. Depending on the company, the application can be completed during a representative’s visit to our place of residence, by phone or via the website. However, in each of these cases it is necessary to meet with a consultant at home, when the contract will be signed and the loan will reach our hands.

Thanks to this solution, we can skip the need to have an account, because we receive money in cash into our own hands. However, what is the repayment of such a liability? If we have requested a payday loan, we give the cash to the lender’s representative who will come to us after the time specified in the contract. There may also be a situation where the short-term loan will be repaid in monthly installments with extended repayment periods or weekly. In this case, the consultant’s visits will simply be more frequent, and instead of transfer, we transfer the specific amount due to the lender to our own hands.


Instant home – for whom?

Home payday loans are a good solution for many people. Home visits give people who:

  • have limited mobility
  • they do not have time to travel to a financial institution,
  • have a blocked bank account,
  • they don’t have a bank account,
  • want to ask a few additional questions to a company representative,
  • they can’t operate a computer
  • they prefer to complete formalities traditionally,
  • have negative entries in the databases,
  • they have no permanent employment under an employment contract,
  • they cannot make a verification transfer.

Household payday loans can help us overcome the financial crisis or deal with financing of unforeseen expenses in the household budget. Rejection of our application in the bank is not the end of the world, because there are also non-bank loan companies that also give people with entries in databases a chance.

The conditions for borrowers do not differ from those which must be met by the person requesting a standard payday loan. We must have an ID card, and thus Polish citizenship. Depending on the company, a lower age limit is also set, but we should certainly be adults. In addition, we must have a source of income to pay off the liability. In order to make contact easier in case of problems, we should be the owners of an active phone number, email address and permanent residence in Poland.


Instant delivery with home delivery – costs

Instant delivery with home delivery - costs

Committing to pay the payday loan home, we must be aware of the costs ahead. With the standard loan formula, we should expect to pay to the lender’s account plus commission, interest, preparation fee, administrative fee or insurance. Depending on the company selected by us, all the above-mentioned fees or only some of them may be charged. In addition, many companies offering payday loans are introducing the promotion of their first free loan for new clients. In this situation, we are released from any additional costs and pay back exactly as we borrowed. However, the condition is timely reimbursement to the lender.

For home service, be prepared for additional fees. The cost of consultant visits will be added to the sum of the loan. Therefore, before choosing a company, we need to read the details of the offer, because the amount of this fee may vary. However, on average they are more expensive than standard loans by up to 25%. In addition, if we are not at home on the scheduled date of the meeting, we will be obliged to cover the costs of the “ineffective visit”.

All costs should be specified in the table of fees available on the lender’s website, service regulations, framework agreement or information form. Before making your selection, you should also read the ‘Questions and Answers’ section. If we want to dispel any doubts, we can use loan comparison websites. Lochinvar provides its users with access to expert opinions on specific financial products. There are customer comments below the specific analyzes. In addition, once a month rankings of payday loans and installment loans are also made available. Everything will definitely help us make the right choice.


Requesting payday loans home

money loan

In the case of an application made available on the lender’s website, the first step will be to determine the amount and repayment period of the loan. Then by clicking the appropriate button we will be transferred to the subpage where the form is located. Enter the personal, contact and address details in the specific fields. After sending the application, a consultant will contact us to set a specific date for the visit. In turn, when it comes to requesting by phone, fill out the contact form or contact the loan company yourself, during the interview we provide all the necessary data and arrange a visit of a representative. Finally, there may be a third option, i.e. contacting the lender and setting the date of the meeting at which the application process will be conducted and the contract will be signed.


Wait a minute for proof of home – who gives

Wait a minute for proof of home - who gives

Provident is one of the companies offering home loans . The maximum amount offered by the lender is up to $ 15,000, while the minimum is $ 300. The repayment period can be from 3 to 36 months. For weekly installments, the highest amount is $ 10,000 and the repayment period is one month. If we decide to take out a home service loan, then we are entitled to a periodic break in repayment and a guarantee that the repayment obligation will be lifted after the customer dies.

The applicant should be an adult, have a permanent place of residence in Poland, ID card, Polish citizenship and permanent source of income (salary, pension or retirement). Applications may be submitted in the form of an electronic form or during a pre-arranged meeting with a customer advisor.

Repayment can take place in 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 or 104 weekly installments or 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 monthly installments. It is worth noting that the more frequent visits of a client advisor to the borrower’s home, the higher the costs we will be obliged to incur.