If you switch to a new employment, you will first receive a trial contract. The probationary period runs in most cases over six months.

If you have passed the probationary period and are taken on by the employer, then this also affects financial transactions. You can then apply for a loan after the probationary period. During the probationary period you will hardly find a bank that would be ready for a payday loan during the probationary period. The problem is this: During the trial period, you may be given notice without giving any reason. For the bank, this is an incalculable risk, because in this case the threat of unemployment and the payment of installments is no longer guaranteed. In order to get a loan despite a probationary period, you can turn to credit intermediaries who offer a so-called Swiss loan. Refrain from borrowing money but on a loan shark.

Compare loans with each other

Compare loans with each other

After the probationary period of between 3 and 6 months, you have a good chance of getting a loan, provided you have a good credit bureau, have a suitable income and the employment contract is not temporary. If you already pay off a loan, then the situation is more difficult. Let’s assume that you have not applied for a loan yet. You should not contact your bank immediately. For you as a customer that may be beneficial because you know each other there personally. But they take advantage of saving money. Online banks or direct banks on the Internet offer loans, mini-loans or other financing significantly cheaper than your house bank. With a loan calculator, you can immediately find out who has the best deals.

Do I get a loan if I have a fixed-term employment after the probationary period?

Often it happens that after the end of the probationary period, unfortunately, only a temporary employment contract comes about. This has an impact on the financing options available to banks. In this case, you can either only use the MRP or you will receive a loan, but this loan must be repaid within this employment relationship. Again, the reason is the possibly impending unemployment, if the contract expires without further extension. No bank will take that risk.

Alternative mini loan or credit by private

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A mini-loan would be the solution if you want to cover only a small amount of money. These are available up to a loan amount of 600 USD. Partly the banks also give 3,000 USD. However, you will have to repay this mini loan within 30 to 60 days. With a loan of 3,000 USD you have six months to repay time.

Another alternative is a home loan. There are several portals that offer such loans. Private investors are ready in the background. Here come also self-employed a cash injection, which otherwise flash off at the banks. While there is no guarantee that you will actually get a loan on a temporary contract, it’s worth the effort, especially since the request is free.


During the probationary period, it is very difficult to obtain a loan. If you receive a permanent employment contract after the probationary period, then all doors are open to you. However, if you only have a temporary contract, you are limited in the amount of the loan. In this case, the loan must be repaid during the term of the employment contract.