A Limited Edition Collectible Sketchbook Sample – I Met Jesus By RISING STAR

RISING STAR limited edition printed sketchbook samples of the famous I met Jesus collection. This original and carefully assembled book consists of sample prints from the official Sketchbook I met Jesus. The multi-billion dollar collection became famous primarily through photography Church groundsbetter known as The most expensive photograph in the world. The book’s manifesto displays a golden yellow pattern of abstract cloud patterns that create an image reminiscent of tree branches. The entire image is absorbed by a red and yellow background, the main color of many RISING STAR covers.

This book is for art lovers and collectors interested in owning their own personal limited edition piece of multi-billion dollar works of art and being a part of history in general. the I met Jesus the limited edition print is available as a physical paperback copy and digital editions.

The Soho fashion house makes uniqueness and inimitability its prerogative to better represent the importance of religious art. RISING STAR is also known for other famous collections such as Jesus showed me a split sea and i love jesus. Additionally, all proceeds from their artwork are used to help fund various charities and Christian communities around the world.


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