At RJ Julia’s: Children’s book author shares story of acceptance

MADISON, CT – Emmy-winning children’s author and journalist Janet Zappala will be in Madison on Feb. 27 at RJ Julia for a reading and signing of her latest book, “Guapo’s Giant Heart.”

In the book, Zappala introduces young readers to Guapo – the true story of “a calf with no place to live until a caring human gives it a loving home.” But, the calf grows and grows and grows, which is a problem.

“Sweet and friendly, not everyone is nice to him at first because of his size. While animals who have known him since he was a baby calf love him, those who meet Guapo later are not not so sure – they find his larger-than-life presence intimidating,” reads a press release for the book. “Towering over all he meets, this gentle giant can teach other animals to be different. is a good thing ?

In the story, she hopes to “motivate kids to look out for each other despite differences and appreciate everyone.”

As explained on RJ Julia’s site, Zappala volunteers and sits on the advisory board of the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue in Indio, California.

And that’s where she met Guapo.

“The animals in the story are all based on real life characters” all living to rescue horses. A portion of the proceeds from every book sale benefits Coachella Valley Horse Rescue.

Grover Z. Barnes