Author accuses Ashanti of stealing his children’s books

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Ashanti is accused of ripping another author’s concept and using it for her very first children’s book.

On July 19, the former Murder Inc. singer will be releasing My name is a story, a book about the first day of school of a little girl named Ashanti who has to deal with people who read and mispronounce her name.

“Inspired by my own experiences, I wrote this book to remind children that every name is special and deserves to be honored and celebrated. Every name tells a story,” she captioned a post showing the cover of the book. “What’s in a name? All! Saying each other’s name correctly is a way to fully appreciate and see people. I hope MY NAME IS A STORY will be an inspiration to anyone who was made fun of because their name was different, or whose name was mispronounced or not pronounced at all.

Author Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow has come forward and pointed out that her book, Your name is a song, and Ashanti’s book are far too similar.

“My heart aches…is Ashanti snatching my book?” Ashanti is on the left. Here’s mine on the right, published with @InnovationPress,” she shared in a tweet.

She added that she thought she may have “made too much of the fact that the title and cover were similar” until she “read the description.”

“What is my book about? About a girl on the first day of school whose name is mispronounced and whose mother helps her see the beauty and musicality of names,” Thompkins-Bigelow tweeted. “Her book description shows a little girl being frustrated at her peers and teachers saying her name incorrectly, so her mother tells her about ‘the beauty, history and magic behind names’.”

Thompkins-Bigelow then shared how devastated she was upon seeing a clear copy of her book, which was published in 2020.

“I worked for over a year on this book,” Thompkins-Bigelow continued. “It took two years to find an agent and get it published and for a celebrity who probably didn’t even write it to just steal my idea. I’m shaking.”

Ashanti has not responded to these claims and my name is a song is still available for pre-order.

Grover Z. Barnes