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Johnny Baker wrote the author of the book “How Prayer Kept Jasper Texas from Disaster” released June 25, 2008.

This book is a great read for Black History Month. You can use it as an educational tool showing black American history. Racism is alive and well in America. Having a black president helps a bit, but many are still angry that he made it to the White House. While Obama was running for President of the United States, a young black man was killed. On September 6, 2008, 24-year-old Brandon McCelland was dragged to death under a pickup truck in Paris, Texas. Ten years after James Byrd Jr. was killed in Jasper, TX by three white men. The men dragged his body two miles down a side road until he was decapitated. His body left a brown stain etched on this road. America, the home of the free and the brave, has a race problem. We have a black president for the first time in history and his name is Barack Obama. This book is about being black in Jasper, Texas. This book will open your eyes and touch your heart. Residents of Jasper, Texas held it together and called for prayers. Paris, TX has a problem with the same type of crime. Was the crime a hate crime or not, that is the question. The stories are true and they will sometimes make you want to cry. Every man and woman in America should read this book to understand what really happened in Jasper, TX. He was discovered by God for us to see the worst of racism. Read it and it will change your life forever. -Johnny Baker

Watermelons in the St. Louis Community of Tyler – East Texas’ sandy soil and hot summer days help make some of the sweetest yellow-meat watermelons and red-meat watermelons in East Texas. We recently located Pastor Johnny Baker in the St. Louis community in Tyler, Texas.

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ST. LOUIS, TX: St. Louis is a residential community north of the intersection of State Highway 155 and Loop 323 and just southwest of Tyler in Smith County. Settlers had arrived in the area in 1880, when they built St. Louis Elementary School, named after St. Louis, Missouri. During the 1880s, a local company built part of the Kansas and Gulf Short Line Railroad just east of the area, making it easily accessible to settlers.

In 1936, St. Louis School employed two teachers and offered elementary-level instruction to eighty-nine black children. That year, the community included a business and a group of houses at the intersection of a dirt road and a tarmac road. The school had been consolidated into the Tyler Independent School District in 1952.

Although in 1966 St. Louis included St. Louis School, two cemeteries, a church, and a major residential area extending southeast from Walton Road past Noonday Road, by 1973 the community was considered part of Tyler and no longer separately identified on maps. . The 1981 county road map identified St. Louis Cemetery, but it had been absorbed by Tyler. St. Louis Elementary School was still operating in 1983.

Clarence Edmond Shackelford says “I have so much history about the St. Louis community and if you want me to share, contact him by TEXT at 903.253.5099”.

Sources: An Administrative Survey of the Schools of Smith County, A History of Tyler and Smith County (San Antonio: Nancy, 1948), Remembering When We Were Colored in Tyler, Texas by Dr. Rodney Lamar Atkins.

Visit Tyler Texas– Photo by M1Y – Clarence Shackelford TEXT 903.253.5099 – for Tour Tyler Texas

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Visit Tyler Texas– Photo image submitted to M1Y

Visit Tyler Texas– Photo by M1Y – Clarence Shackelford TEXT 903.253.5099 – for Tour Tyler Texas

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Visit Tyler Texas– Photo by M1Y – Clarence Shackelford TEXT 903.253.5099 – for Tour Tyler Texas

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