Bridgerton Book Author Julia Quinn Reveals Her Favorite Things Ahead of Season 2

Writer Julia Quinn is the mastermind behind the book series that inspired the hit show Bridgerton, which was one of the most-watched shows on Netflix last year. The first season – based on the first book in the series by Quinn, The duke and me (£4.99, – was star producer Shona Rhimes’ first scripted drama for Netflix.

Quinn became a historical novelist almost by accident. But having credited the likes of Eleanor Hibbert and Lisa Kleypas as favorites, it’s easy to see why she’s mastered her craft. The lavish Regency decor series, which is best described as a hybrid between Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudiceis between 1813 and 1827.

Of the eight books, does Quinn have his favorite? “It’s like asking for my favorite child,” she says. “Each book is special to me for different reasons. It could be a character, it could be a scene. Maybe that’s what was going on in my life while I was writing it.

Writing the most recent book, First comer scandal (£6.52,, Quinn found she benefited from the Netflix adaptation. The novel is a prequel to his first Bridgerton story and tells of Anthony and Benedict as young boys. “The actors had already been chosen when I was writing their scenes,” she says, “and it was the first time I could imagine the characters so distinctly. Luke Newton (who plays Colin) even sent me a photo of baby as a source of inspiration. It was wonderful!

She also praises a newcomer to the TV series: Newton, Kate Sharma’s mischievous corgi, who will join the cast for the second season, which launches March 25. Ahead of the premiere, we asked the author to share all his favorite things; from the novel that inspired her to become a writer, to the feminist author that she recommends to everyone. In the words of Lady Whistledown: dear reader, meet Julia Quinn.

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Book that inspired me to become a writer: ‘The Miracle at St. Bruno’s’ by Philippa Carr, published by Putnam

“As a tween, I’ve read a ton of Eleanor Hibbert, in all of her incarnations. My favorites were the books she wrote in the Philippa Carr: The Daughters of England series. I loved the drama and history, but I especially loved the romances she weaved into the stories. I’m sure it was the books that cemented my love for historical romance.

My favorite historical romance novel: ‘Dreaming of You’ by Lisa Kleypas, published by Avon

“It’s impossible to choose just one book or author, but I will say that I read the duo of then you came (£5.99, and Dreaming of you by Lisa Kleypas dozens of times while I was writing my first novels. Kleypas is particularly brilliant with her characterization, and it brings unprecedented depth to her romances.

The appliance I couldn’t do without: the Sodastream spirit

“I can’t live without my Sodastream. I drink a LOT of sparkling water. I love it.”

Feminist Author I Recommend: Gloria Steinem

“My favorite piece of feminist literature? Anything by Gloria Steinem. She is an utterly brilliant speaker and writer. I don’t know how anyone could listen to his words and not call themselves a feminist.

The thing that makes me calmer: a weighted blanket

“My weighted blanket. I instantly feel comfortable and safe.

Quinn didn’t specify her exact name, but our recommendation is the Mela Chill Weighted Blanket, which took the top spot in our review of the best.

Grover Z. Barnes