Children’s book author Joseph Zaccardi, a family found dead in Mass. Home

An author of children’s books has been found shot dead in Massachusetts with his wife and three children in a tragedy that has shocked the community.

Timothy J. Cruz, Plymouth District Attorney identified the dead like Joseph Zaccardi, 43, his wife Deirdre, 40; and the couple’s three children, Alexis, 11, and twins Nathaniel and Kathryn, 9.

The bodies were discovered around 7:30 a.m. Monday morning when a parent came to take the children to school and discovered Deirdre’s body downstairs, according to The Boston Globe.

All family members appear to have died from gunshot wounds in what authorities are calling an isolated incident, although they have declined to say whether the deaths were the result of murder-suicide.

“It’s a horrible, horrible event,” said Cruz. “I think when something like this, unimaginable like it happens, there will always be more questions than there will be answers.”

Cruz said the couple had no known domestic issues.

“It’s a tragedy all around,” said Abington Police Chief David G. Majenski. “It’s just a horrible event that no one should ever see.”

The next door neighbor of the family, Heather McNulty, told the local station WCVB that she had heard four loud clicking noises around 1 a.m. on Monday. At the time, she believed the noises were coming from her dumpster door slamming in the wind. She didn’t find out the truth until the next morning.

“Anyway, I don’t know why the kids had to do it – why it must have happened to them. It’s so sad, ”she said.

Before his death, Joseph Zaccardi was an author of books for troubled children who had listed his profession on Facebook as “unemployed and going mad”. People reports.

In April 2017, the father of three proudly announced in a publication on social media that his third book “All Mixed Up” was available for purchase on Amazon.

“Buying a copy will obviously help promote the book, but just publicizing its release would also be extremely helpful! He wrote. “Again, thank you for the support and encouragement from everyone with every book I make! Without the support of family and friends, an individual’s hopes or dreams cannot go further. “

His wife Deirdre had worked for almost two decades at EMI Strategic Marketing. As news of the family’s deaths spread, the company released a statement calling Deirdre a “lovely person” and a “trusted employee.”

“Her welcoming smile, her constant enthusiasm, her sense of humor and her talent for organizing just about anything made her indispensable to the company,” he said. “Her deep commitment to her children and the pride she took in their accomplishments, big and small, were part of many conversations.”

Deidre reportedly took a day off last week to celebrate her twins’ birthdays.

“We are all shocked and saddened by this tragedy,” said company president Campbell Edlund in the statement.

Abington Schools Superintendent Peter Schafer also spoke of the family’s deaths calling them “unimaginable.”

“As you may know, there was a discussion today with middle and high school students about the tragic loss of the Zaccardi family,” Schafer wrote in the letter to parents before adding that advisers would be on hand to help staff and students deal with the loss.

The victims’ families have requested privacy in the wake of the deaths.

“Today our family has suffered unfathomable loss,” they said in a statement, according to WCVB. “As we attempt to make sense of the enormity of this event, we respectfully ask the media to respect our family’s wishes to be left alone as we mourn our enormous losses in private.”

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