Children’s Book Author Launches Summer Virtual Bookchella!


Smith and his phenomenal team will spare no expense with this virtual tour of the book to EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE, EQUIP and EMPOWER Children by promoting various books that teach positive traits, such as self-love, confidence, respect, empathy and gratitude. Smith partners with the multimedia platforms of Radio Wee Nation, Bankedoutt radio show, ImagineTime TV, 3 visions of the king, Kidlio Magazine, LeafPages Book Blog, Written by us, Lit for black kids, and Glitter pink club, to present children’s books written by five authors.

Who is Portia smith?

Portia smith is the “Virtual Book Tour Sensation”, a loving mother of two, licensed professional counselor, coach, entrepreneur and best-selling author, best known for her children’s book “I Know Who I Am”. She is the founder and CEO of Imagine Me Creative Book Publishing and host of UNmute Me Podcast.

The Source magazine called Smith a professional counselor who inspires African American children around the world! She has also been seen in Impact Magazine, Black Parent Magazine, Exposure TV Network and Hip-Hop Weekly.

This tour is intended to introduce authors Julia royston, Kimberly Davis-Peters, Dr. Christie Black Murrell, Sherricka Carpenter Stanley, and Elisabeth budd-brown.

Sherricka Carpenter Stanley is the author of the children’s book “I Fit IN Just Right! Me and My Family” and accompanying coloring activity book and the owner of Wabash To Worthing Publishing, LLC. This African American children’s book takes you through the family relationships of a young boy as he sees all the ways he belongs to his beautiful loved ones. For more information on how to purchase your copy, visit

Dr. Christie Black Murrell is a dedicated wife, mother of two and school counselor. In his book “True Friendship is Sweet: A History of Teaching Diversity”, Emerson Ruth Johnson is a vibrant, racially protected six-year-old African American girl from new York. She learns what makes us all special and what makes friendships so sweet while meeting and making new friends. For more information on how to purchase your copy, visit

Double author, mother and writer, Kimberly Davis-Peters is determined to change the narrative of children’s books by creating stories that empower black and brown children to see themselves in a positive way with stories that prioritize the importance of self-esteem and appreciation, while learning instrumental lessons throughout life. “Cocoa, Tea & Honey” celebrates all shades of beautiful brown complexions with inspiring encouragement for friendship, good character and acceptance. For more information on how to purchase your copy, visit

Julia royston spends her days doing what she loves, writing, posting, talking and coaching. She is the founder of BK Royston Publishing LLC, Julia Royston Enterprises, Royal Media and Publishing and Royston Book Fairs. “The Book Bear” encourages the love of reading all types of children’s books. For more information on how to purchase your copy, visit,

Elisabeth budd-brown is a teacher and the author of the children’s book “Look at me!” This book celebrates the beauty and magic of little black girls! He follows a young African American girl on her journey to discover her inner beauty and power as she looks at herself in the mirror. For more information on how to purchase your copy, visit

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