Environmentalist and children’s book author, Abhishek Talwar, partners with the Mendonsa Foundation for a sapling planting campaign with underprivileged children

Abhishek Talwar (AIEMA), renowned children’s book author, environmentalist, green entrepreneur and co-founder of Biplop World, has partnered with the Mendonsa Foundation to embark on a tree sapling campaign with underprivileged children, in Colaba Woods in Mumbai. Harshita Narwekar, Corporator of Mumbai’s Ward No 226, graced the event as the chief guest, while Dr. Suhani Mendonsa, Project Manager of the Mendonsa Foundation, and Dr. Vivek Mendonsa, Trustee of the Mendonsa Foundation were the dignitaries who made this celebration a fruitful day. an event!

Around 25 underprivileged children, supported by the Mendonsa Foundation, gathered at Colaba Woodland Park in Cuff Parade and participated in the sapling planting campaign, led by environmentalist Abhishek Talwar. After the planting, the children received storybooks, coloring books and worksheets for Biplob the Bumblebee. Abhishek Talwar discussed with them the importance of protecting the environment and how “Biplob the Bumblebee”, the eco-warrior embarks on adventures to save the planet and mother nature. Abhishek Talwar, who is extremely passionate about teaching children about the environment and who spearheaded this whole initiative, said: “The only way to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2070, set by Prime Minister, is to motivate future generations to work towards them. This initiative is a small step in that direction. By planting young trees of different species, we are creating much needed carbon sinks in our urban landscape. We plan to continue this initiative across Mumbai and to reach as many children as possible and engage them in this movement.”

Harshita Narwekar said, “When Biplobworld and the Mendonsa Foundation approached me for this initiative, I was extremely excited to be part of it. I have already worked to plant 22,000 saplings in my neighborhood. need more trees in our city and initiatives like this will go a long way in making our Mumbai greener and cleaner.We should encourage our younger generation to take care of nature.When we take care of it.It takes Dr. Suhani Mendonsa, Project Director at the Mendonsa Foundation, said of the partnership with Biplobworld, “We have always supported social causes, especially the welfare of children. Through this initiative, we have been able to help these children inculcate the habit of being environment conscious which we hope will accompany them throughout their lives. We hope to continue this partnership with Biplobworld to raise awareness of nature among the youngest in our country.

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