Famous children’s book author – Masami SC – announces the pre-release of his third book in the series – Brown Bear & Oofie Present: “The Loss of a Loved One”

This book will help parents and children learn about this very difficult reality of life. The detailed facial expressions of both characters will help children connect with their own emotions and the grief they experience from the personal loss of a loved one.

Henderson, Nevada – June 28, 2022 – The loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but children need special support to overcome the trauma that a death can bring. Once in a while a children’s book is published which is more than just a story with great drawings.

Noted children’s author Masami SC’s new book is one such book. The Loss of a Loved One is the third book in the Brown Bear & Oofie series. In The loss of a loved one, Brown Bear’s grandmother, Mimi, has died. Brown Bear cries hysterically over his deceased grandmother Mimi. Oofie helps Brown Bear with emotional support and they discuss the topic of death together. Oofie, who was also close to Mimi, shares the grief but comforts Brown Bear throughout the book with different insights into what happens when a loved one leaves this world.

In a recent interview, Masami SC commented, “I want to educate kids so they know they’re not alone. My subjects are social issues / life lessons. I want parents to be involved and read my books with their children and have meaningful conversations and open doors to better connect with them.”

She goes on to say, “So many young children these days are engrossed in social media and technology and miss out on learning valuable life lessons while being disconnected from their parents. Brown Bear & Oofie are meant to look like a child of the same age drew them. I believe younger readers can connect more that way.

  • In Brown Bear & Oofie: The Verbal Bully, Oofie, a purple pooch, was bullied with mean and hurtful words. Brown Bear helps Oofie overcome her feelings of sadness by being her best friend. Will Oofie get over her sadness at being bullied? Will she figure out how to deal with it? Discover and join Brown Bear and Oofie on their adventure.
  • In Brown Bear & Oofie: The Lost Identity, Brown Bear learns the importance of staying true to her own identity and not changing who she is in order to fit in with her friends. Brown Bear & Oofie just played with their friend Herman. Herman is described to the reader as having lots of freckles, and Oofie admires his uniqueness. Brown Bear mistakenly thinks that looking more like Herman will make her cool like him. After a hilarious act of change, Brown Bear learns from Oofie that being like someone else doesn’t make her cool and being unique and individual is what makes her special.

About the Author:

Masami SC has two young daughters and communicating with them is not always easy, especially with social issues. Masami SC decided to create a special way to get their messages straight to their daughters through illustrations and a simple story. Brown Bear & Oofie are his daughters’ favorite stuffed animals and with them as communicators, Masami SC was able to work through complex issues with his daughters in a simple, non-confrontational and effective way, opening the door to easy communication and comfortable with her children.

Masami SC believed that his messages, originally and humbly written on notebook paper, could help other children around the world. True to his vision for his books, Masami SC self-published his first two books to a warm and receptive audience and won several book awards.

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