“How Motherhood Gave Birth to My Book” – Author Radhika Jindal

Author Radhika Jindal is a well-known blogger and mother of a 3-year-old child. She loves to write about relationships, motherhood, books, parenting, and self-care. She shares her thoughts on her blog, www.radhikadiary.com. It is his first book. When she’s not writing, she’s busy creating happy memories with her princess.

  1. As we know, your book is in the bestseller list on Amazon. Please shed some light on how you achieved this?

Author Radhika: Yes! The book was twice in the bestseller category and I also shared a screenshot of it on my Facebook page “radhikadiary”. I feel overwhelmed by becoming a bestselling author in a week. It’s amazing to see people enjoying your book and leaving positive reviews. I’m pretty sure the book will help a lot of new couples who are still waiting for advice, and I feel blessed to know that my book is helping someone somewhere. But even though my book seems like an overnight success, there is a lot of hard work behind it.

  • Did you feel any changes in your life after becoming an author?

Author Radhika: Yes! I am a proud self-published author. I am more confident than before. I love when my daughter picks up my book and starts reading it, saying, “Mom! I love your book so much. You see, your picture is on the book. A mother feels like she’s done her best when your little one appreciates you and applauds your efforts.

My life has changed a bit because now everywhere I go people are talking about my book and how it started and asking me if I’m writing another book or not and so on. The questions are endless. Book reviewers keep messaging me to review my book and inviting me to Instagram live chats, but I’ve always put my child and family first. Even during my book-writing journey, I used to write late at night or early in the morning before I started my day so it wouldn’t affect my family roles and responsibilities.

  • Any challenges or difficulties you had to face during the whole process?

Author Radhika: I never thought of becoming an author but I don’t know…one day the magic happened. I just decided to write a book. There was a fire burning inside me to become an author. Eventually, I just decided to sit down and jot everything down on a piece of paper. You won’t believe I had written almost 2000 words of notes in my journal in just a few days. Then I started to read a lot of books and attended a lot of book writing webinars. Later, when my “why” was clear, I couldn’t help but share the story with everyone, especially those new moms who are always looking for advice and tips. I could feel the pain, the urge to know when I was also at the same stage. So I thought why not help them with a book.

  • Could you please explain a bit what your book is about? And, who would you like to give credit for your book?

Author Radhika: In the first part of the book, I clearly described the nine months of the beautiful journey of being pregnant and all the do’s and don’ts. In part two of the book, I wrote about what it felt like to be a new mom and how to adjust to new changes. You can expect a lot of expert advice and guidance in the book, like on PPD (postpartum depression), etc. I have tried my best to provide my readers with scientific facts and real life experiences based on my personal journey.

It’s been four years since I conceived and it’s all thanks to my princess, Divanshi, for giving me this beautiful maternity gift. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to my husband, Mr. Kapil Jindal, and my family for their support throughout the journey, and of course to my reading coach, Amrita Mitroo.

  • As a writer and author, any words of wisdom you would like to share with your readers?

Author Radhika: As the cover of my book defines, I would say “Every pregnancy is different”. Never compare yourself to anyone. Pregnancy is a short journey, but the roller coaster ride begins once you enter the stage of motherhood. Your child should feel safe and happy to see you at the end of the day and that is what matters most. You must read my book to learn more. Haha!

  • Besides the answers above, is there anything else you would like to highlight in the article?

Author Radhika: On this Mother’s Day, I wish you to believe in everything you do for your child. You do your best. Never doubt your parenting role. You are also growing in your motherhood journey with the child. I want to end with a few lines from chapter 5 of my book –

“Being hurt doesn’t mean you’re going to punish yourself.

Making a mistake does not mean that you will end up making it difficult for yourself.

You need to be kind, soft-spoken and forgiving at the same time.

Author Radhika Jindal

(The Essence of Motherhood – The Ups and Downs of Being a Mom)

Book link: https://amzn.to/3u1sM9c

Blog: www.radhikadiary.com Instagram: radhika0001

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