In Memory of Lloyd Cadena: YouTuber, Book Author, Radio DJ, Humanitarian, Boy Group Member

Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo –

September 4, 2020 | 6:28 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – More than just a YouTube vlogger with over five million subscribers, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Kuya Lloyd, Kween LC, or just Lloyd for his family and friends, wore many hats: author of books, radio disc jockey, humanitarian and even as part of a boy group, to name a few.

In an exclusive 2016 interview with this author at the launch of his boy group The Bookmarks, and for the launch of one of his books, “Mahal Ko na Siya … Pak na Ito !!!”, Lloyd said explained how he started the vlog.

Lloyd started writing in 2011, mostly for scripts for his YouTube videos, which he did just for fun. His vlogs became so in demand that he began to earn more from them than from his daily job as a radio disc jockey.

A reliable source claimed that Lloyd was making “six figures a month” on his YouTube channel. The author asked Lloyd if it was true, but he was a mom.

As a full-time YouTuber, Lloyd then had more time for himself and writing books, which he started in 2013 after PSICOM Publishing approached him to compile his YouTube scripts.

Writing a manuscript, he said, was a different world than making videos or being a DJ – it involved more delays and sleepless nights – a challenge as he saw himself more as a talker.

“As long as there are people who write books and there are readers, the print media will always be there,” the online video star said of why he still wrote books despite its online success.

“The books are still different; nothing can beat the feeling of smelling the leaves of a new book. “

To further encourage young people to read, Lloyd, along with six other authors, formed a boy group called The Bookmarks, then run by PSICOM and VIVA. While other boy groups are big at song and dance, The Bookmarks was more about making book signings a fun destination for young people.

Bookmarks also included Bryan Olano, Albert Apolonio, Marco Pile, Mark Anicas, Rhadson Mendoza, Sic Santos and Angelo Nabor.

“There may be many posers, but you should also learn the art of dedma,” suggested Lloyd, the only gay member of The Bookmarks, who has had his fair share of hates and death threats.

Some enemies, he recalls, would even picket outside his village to threaten to kill him just because they didn’t like his face.

“Just focus on the positive things like your supporters. Go to the people who love you, “he advised those who also suffer denigration.

“Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get what you want now. Success does not come overnight. I also go through difficult times sometimes, low points that make me want to give up. But you just have to keep going and actually do more of what you want to do while still being sensitive to what your readers want. Don’t just write and write or create more YouTube videos that people can’t relate to … just be yourself and enjoy everything you do. It’s no use if you don’t appreciate it and let yourself be overwhelmed by the pressure, ”he told those who aspire to reach the same heights.

Last month, the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines, an organization that aims to empower creators, influencers, marketers and brands to become the best in marketing, content creation and business, recognized Lloyd and actress Angel Locsin as the first recipients of the Social Good Award, given to those who use their resources and influence to encourage social awareness and volunteerism.

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