Melania Trump book author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff claims FLOTUS “folded like a deck of cards”


A former friend of Melania Trump has confirmed that she recorded it in secret and explained the thinking behind her most controversial outfit.

Author of revealing new book on U.S. First Lady Melania Trump has confirmed she taped her former friend and sheds light on the real logic behind a controversial jacket she wore at the border Mexican-American.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told American journalist Rachel Maddow that she registered her old friend to get material for the book, but only after it was clear that Melania was not going to help her with an investigation.

“If she was my friend it would be horrible, but Melania and the White House had accused me of criminal activity, publicly humiliated and fired me, and made me their scapegoat,” said Ms Winston Wolkoff.

“At that point, that’s when I hit Record. At that point, she was no longer my friend and she was ready to let them take me down and she told me herself that was how it should be.

“That’s not how you treat a friend, so I was going to do whatever I could to make sure I was protected.”

“She turned her back on him, she folded like a deck of cards and I was shocked when she did.”

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The comments come as a new book released this week, “Melania and I: the rise and fall of my friendship with the first lady,Puts the dirt on the supposed icy relationship between Melania Trump and her stepdaughter Ivanka and explains some of the behind-the-scenes actions involving the president’s somewhat mysterious wife.

Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff says she was once a friend of the president’s third wife, also serving as an advisor until 2018 when she fell from grace after revealing colossal expenses for the nomination of Donald Trump, that she played a key role in the organization.

One of the key segments describes Melania’s reasoning for wearing an extremely controversial jacket at the US border that read, “I really don’t care, do I? “

This was interpreted by some to mean a heartless view of children as part of President Trump’s border policy, while others believed it was a coup against the media.

An article from Vanity Fair Quoting the book, Melania shrugged off the firestorm as she said “I drive the liberals crazy”.

“You know what? They deserve it.” She added that people “connect things to my clothes” and that she wears what she wears “because I like it”.

“They’ve all gone mad about the zero-tolerance border policy. But they don’t know what’s going on. The kids I met were brought in by coyotes, the bad guys who trafficked, and that’s why the kids were put into shelters. They are not with their parents, and it is sad. But the patrols told me the kids were like, “Wow, do I have a bed? Will I have a wardrobe for my clothes? This is more than what they have in their own country where they sleep on the floor. They look after themselves well there.

The First Lady also reportedly added: “Did Michelle Obama go to the border? She never did. Show me the pictures!

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The 351-page book is filled with anecdotes about the Slovenian model who some say is trapped with the tagline #FreeMelania painting her as the victim of a difficult husband.

Winston Wolkoff, a former Vogue event planner, describes a much more aggressive figure, including detailing how she and Melania choreographed every detail of the grand opening – and kept Ivanka from appearing in key photos from the ceremony.

The 50-year-old first lady is said to have nicknamed her 38-year-old daughter-in-law “princess”, calling her and her husband Jared Kushner “snakes”.

The book also leads readers to believe that Melania could influence certain decisions of the White House.

Speaking to CBS on Monday, Winston Wolkoff criticized the first lady for failing to defend her against charges of overspending for the inauguration, adding that she was working with federal investigators to investigate what had happened.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, called the book of revenge “savage self-glorification” of a woman who has joined the ranks of the president’s enemies.

But as the campaign season heats up, the book looks like a likely success. Its post comes days after Melania and Ivanka exchanged what appeared to be an icy look at the Republican Convention where the president formally accepted the nomination for a second term.

He is one of the many “tellers” of the Trump family: the president’s niece was recently in the spotlight after publishing a book lambasting the character of her uncle.

On Tuesday, “Melania and Me” was in fourth place on Amazon’s bestsellers, behind a new investigation by a New York Times reporter into White House members resisting Trump, and a book slated for publication on September 8 by Michael Cohen, the Trump alumnus. lawyer and fixer currently serving a prison sentence.

Americans “want to know more about their First Lady and, since Melania is a very careful person, they want to know more,” said Katherine Jellison, historian at Ohio University.

“A strained relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very much in the public mind… it goes back to Cinderella.”

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