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Mount Clemens comic book artist Evan K. Pozios incorporates some lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and his personal experience into his new work.

Pozios’ “Silence #1,” out Wednesday, centers on the plight of Stanley Kane, a struggling comic book artist who suffers a heart attack in a New York cab and takes a sabbatical in the fictional town of Silence. , Michigan, based out of Copper Harbor in the Upper Peninsula.

Pozios, 47, relates his main character‘s experience to that of most people over the past two years.

“The book is timely because it deals with stress and the dark repercussions of allowing it to take over your life,” Pozios said in an email interview. “As a society, we have faced tremendous adversity and pressure over the past two years. As humans, we all stumble from time to time in life, and we don’t always take the best care of ourselves. The question is: are we learning from our missteps? Do we get up and keep knocking?

Pozios will sign copies of “Silence” from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday at Comix Corner on Utica Road near Masonic Boulevard in Fraser and before that from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Coy’s Comics in Saginaw.

Published by Second Sight Publishing, the book is illustrated by Alex Sanchez.

Of Sanchez’s art, Pozios said, “He created the perfect retro-horror vibe that meshes really well with the moody lettering from LetterSquids,” a Connecticut-based company.

“Silence #1” is planned as a three-book series, he said.

It’s his second work since he released “Time Grunts, Volume I The Monster Within”, in 2018 and “Time Grunts, Volume II”, published by Caliber Comics in 2019. Last fall, his short story in black and white, “Cat Lady,” was published as part of the horror anthology series, “Harvest of Horrors,” with art by Nik Polisko, who Pozios says is a regular artist at the magazine. Shudder”.

Pozios has been busy during the pandemic. Also this year, “Sister Kate,” published by Bryan Silverbax, will be released on in April, as part of the ongoing Kerra Prime Presents series, and “Schadenfreude,” will be jointly published by Second Sight Publishing and Caliber Comic. . , in April as part of the Harvest of Horrors 3 series.

“Silence” received a positive review on

The cover of “Silence #1”

“SILENCE #1 expertly finds a way to find the human drama in the life of a failing artist who can’t take a break from life’s troubles,” critic Gabriel Hernandez wrote, noting it. 9 out of 10. “As circumstances force it to pause, the unreliability of one artist’s imagination turns this relatable drama into a riveting nightmare. However, be warned. It’s a slow burn, but the phenomenal art and brooding writing are well worth reading.

Pozios said the novel’s New York opening was inspired by his personal experience.

“I flew to New York to attend New York Comic Con without sleeping and nearly had a major medical event,” he said. “Fear obviously had a huge impact on me, and I tried to imbue the story with as much personal emotion as possible.”

Pozios, who manages Gus’ Coney Island across from the Macomb County Courthouse in downtown Mount Clemens, said while the reduced workload due to the restaurant’s temporary closure and reduced operations during the pandemic gave him more time to create, it also slowed down his marketing efforts. Without in-person contact for the past two years, he has appeared as a guest on “numerous” shows on and has increased his social media presence.

Pozios said “Silence” #1 had 2,800 pre-orders.

Grover Z. Barnes