Nigeria-born children’s book author announces book tour for Black History Month

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Washington, DC, District of Columbia January 25, 2022 ( – Ada-Ari, Washington DC area resident and Nigerian transplant, announces dates for her Month of black history to celebrate the historic folk tales of his African upbringing. Readings and book signings will take place at locations in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia throughout February.

Ada-Ari is the creator of The tortoise’s cracked shell and The slender legs of the spider, books for children aged two to eight that document classic and beloved African folk tales from the author’s childhood. The book tour pays homage and honors these historic artifacts, many of which have been lost due to centuries of migration and oral transmission.

“Growing up in Nigeria, my mother and elders used to tell me these stories,” said author Ada-Ari. “Now, as an adult and mother raising African American children, I want to make sure these stories live on for generations and become part of our daily lives.”

the Tortoise’s Cracked Shell has origins in the Igbo tribe of Nigeria while The slender legs of the spider is an Ashanti folk tale from Ghana. Both books teach children lessons like sharing and caring through fun characters and colorful illustrations.

“By sharing these stories with children from all walks of life, I hope that future generations will grow up with a deeper awareness and appreciation for African culture,” Ada-Ari said. “The tortoise’s cracked shell and spider’s slender legs teach lessons any parent can appreciate.”

Each hardcover book also contains geographical and cultural facts as well as punched flashcards for continuous learning. Ada-Ari plans to publish additional books with folk tales from other parts of Africa later this year.

The book tour kicks off Feb. 5 in Sterling, Va. at Ridgetop Coffee and Tea. For more information on The tortoise’s cracked shell, The slender legs of the spider, and other tour dates and locations, please visit

Grover Z. Barnes