Preschools Receive Free Presentations From La Jolla Children’s Book Author

In the spring and summer, children’s book author and singer Bridget Burton (known to her local La Jolla neighbors as Barbara Burton Graf) brings an interactive experience to local preschools, giving kids something new. in their day.

Having received gratitude from preschool staff, students and their parents for her pre-pandemic presentations, now that things are reopening, Burton is ready to bring the fun again.

Principals and teachers have told me how much they appreciate having something new for the children to see and do and the fact that learning [especially reading] is enriched with music, doing these live presentations is a win-win-win,” says Burton.

Burton coordinates with area preschools to set a date and time, then brings her book and music does a live reading and sings with the kids and teaches them Hawaiian words and hula moves.

We even do a little dancing,” Burton said with a smile as he recounted the joy of past presentations, “and some schools make it a Hawaiian-themed day-long experience and invite parents in as well.

The children’s book, “Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou: Kauai’s Beloved Pup, is a song that follows Annie across the island of Kauai as she goes on adventures like canoeing, ziplining, and even enjoying a luau party with a Shih Tzu.

Burton says, “My love for the Hawaiian Islands prompted me to write this book and knowing that children learn best when there is music, it was a natural accompaniment to put the words to music.”

Additionally, Burton shared that the digital version includes enhanced features such as animated text and a map of Kauai showing the different places Annie has visited, which improves or speeds up reading skills and teaches geography. Depending on preschool preferences, Burton will also bring and play the digital version.

Burton does not charge for these 20-30 minute presentations with a $20 pre-presentation purchase of the associated hardcover print/digital version set (by school or parent). If parents are invited and cannot attend, she provides handouts for parents so they too can see a snippet of what their children enjoyed at school.

I’m thrilled to have done the first post-pandemic presentation scheduled for early April,” Burton continues, “and look forward to doing as many as I can. She said nothing warms her heart like sharing the book and the music and watching the children dance and sing.

The preview of the digital version and purchase options are available at For more information visit the website or email [email protected]

Grover Z. Barnes