Reynoldsville Public Library Brings NPR’s ‘Best Book’ Author Anjali Sachdeva to the Area | Local

REYNOLDSVILLE — The Reynoldsville Public Library is gearing up for the eighth annual Writer’s Luncheon, hosting short story writer Anjali Sachdeva of Pittsburgh.

Sachdeva is the author of the short story collection “All the Names They Used for God,” which was named one of NPR’s “Best Books of 2018” and won the 2019 Chautauqua Award.

Reynoldsville Librarian Karl Rebon described Sachdeva’s book as a collection of short stories that “spans centuries, continents and a diverse set of characters, but is united by each character’s epic struggle with fate. “. Despite the title, the book has no religious theme, but rather leaves each story open for interpretation by readers.

“I like stories where – not just short stories but stories in general – where you can try to figure out when they don’t give you a clear answer. I like it because it makes me think and go,” Rebon said.

Rebon said that in choosing Sachdeva as the author for this year, he researched Pennsylvania-based short story writers, as this is a genre of book not yet covered by the event. All of the authors who have come to the luncheon have been from Pennsylvania so far, which Rebon actively seeks out each year.

“I like jumping around with genres and other types of things,” Rebon said. “I’ve never done news, so it’s a different form. I try to expose people to different forms of reading.

The luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, July 14 and will be held at noon at the social hall of St. Mary’s Church in Reynoldsville. Tickets to the event are $30 and cover the cost of lunch, the event, and a copy of the book. There will be a Q&A session with Sachdeva, followed by a signing session.

Tickets are available at the Reynoldsville Library or will be available the day of the event. For information or to obtain tickets, call the library at 814-653-9471. When entering the library, the public should always use the rear entrance. Follow the sign for the Code Enforcement Office down the alley in Willow Alley to find the doors to all of the borough offices and the library.

“We always love seeing people, this is our only if not the biggest event of the year for the library that we try to do. We always appreciate all of our sponsors and we appreciate the people who attend the event. As I always say, without people witnessing these things and coming to them, there is no event,” Rebon said.

Rebon is passionate about bringing recognized authors to Reynoldsville to give locals an opportunity they might not otherwise have to be exposed to such materials and writers.

“I want to bring an experience to people who are readers and love to read, but wouldn’t have the means to travel out of the area to meet someone who’s been published,” Rebon said. “I want to bring that experience to people instead of them having to go looking for it, or maybe they can’t afford to go looking for it. Bringing culture to the city to make reading relevant and let people know that reading matters. »

Grover Z. Barnes