Seven-time cookbook author and former Food Network host, he became a writer in residence at Stratford Chefs School

A seven-time cookbook author and former Food Network host, Bob Blumer teaches creative food writing as the Stratford Chefs School’s Writer-in-Residence.

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Bob Blumer – a chef, seven-time cookbook author, eight-time Guinness World Record holder and former Food Network host – knows what it means to write about food with flair.

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From her stint on TV cooking for the Toastermobile food lovers in The Surreal Gourmet, learning intimidating and physically stimulating cooking skills in Glutton for Punishment, and touring the world in the world’s weirdest restaurants, and Hours spent in the kitchen developing the bizarre and colorful and creative recipes included in his seven cookbooks, Blumer has made a name for himself as an eccentric and eclectic gastronaut with a penchant for adventure.

Earlier this week, Blumer arrived in Stratford from his home in Los Angeles, California, to impart some of his culinary and literary wisdom to students at Stratford Chefs School as this year’s writer in residence.

“At some point in life it’s rewarding to do things where you kind of teach. You spend your whole life learning to do things and you gain a lot of wisdom, so it’s great to have the opportunity to share your wisdom and perspective with the next generation, ”Blumer said Thursday, a day after preparing a sumptuous guest meal at the Stratford Chefs School restaurant in downtown Stratford.

As someone who has dedicated his life to communicating about food, Blumer said his goal as a writer-in-residence is both to give young chefs an understanding of how to write and to format recipes for cookbooks and other publications and to pass on their own recipes. passion and personality in their writing to give their readers a sense of who they are and where their food comes from.

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“One of the writing exercises is to look at recipe writing from all angles,” Blumer said. “You break down a recipe into a header, a recipe body, a photo, and then we look at different styles of all of those things. You have everyone from Chrissy Teigen, who writes great letterheads, to Alice Waters, whose style is completely different.

Before the end of her week and a half in Stratford, Blumer will ask chefs to develop their own burger recipes using the ingredients and cooking methods they love, then write that recipe down as if it fits in a book of kitchen, with headers, introductions and accompanying photos.

The chef class will then judge each burger, both for taste and presentation of their recipes, before finally selecting a winner to be presented at a table service next week.

“That person will then run Bob’s Burger Bar here next Thursday and Friday, and then the rest of the class will do sides and things like that,” Blumer said. “The competition is about both the best burger and how it’s written and presented and all that. And the burger can be anything – any patty, it doesn’t even have to involve meat, in between with any equipment.

Through this exercise and his other lessons, Blumer said he hopes to help young chefs begin to develop their signature styles, both in their cooking and in the way they communicate about their food, something that he says is essential when it comes to standing out as a chef or restaurateur in the age of cooking shows on television and the internet.

As this is his first experience with the Stratford Chefs School, Blumer said he was completely impressed with the caliber of the instructors and their courses, as well as the abilities and enthusiasm of the students themselves for the food.

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