Shanghai adult women love to read lifestyle books

The Shanghai Library, China’s second largest library, hosted 980,800 female readers in 2014. (Photo: Google)

Shanghai Library Director Wu Jianzhong revealed at the Shanghai Women’s Federation’s “i-Reading on Subway” event on Wednesday, held at the Subway Music Corner with representatives from the library. from Shanghai and the Shanghai Metro to the city’s Renmin Square, which adult Shanghai women love to read lifestyle books.

According to Wu, millions of adult female readers love books about work, family, life, fashion, and cooking.

In libraries, novels, children’s literature, poetry, and family education were popular with female readers, as well as those on gardening and pets.

In 2014, the Shanghai Library records show that it received more than 980,800 adult female readers, compared to all other cities and provinces in China as well as more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Books and articles aimed at adult women have increased over the past four years, and 45 percent of them were mostly borrowed by middle-aged women.

The director also shared that adult women have more passion for reading than adult men and other age groups of both sexes.

However, despite the large number of interested adult female readers in Shanghai, the reading rate in all age groups across China declined from 1.3 percent in 2012 to 76.3 percent.

On the other hand, in a survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publishing in 2014, 57.8% of Chinese adults out of 40,600 respondents read paper books, while 50.1% read digital books. .

In addition, 70.85% read newspapers and 5.51% magazines per year.

The survey also showed that only 1.2% of adults are satisfied with their reading habits, 8.4% are satisfied, 37.6% find their reading habits normal, while 52.8% are not satisfied. .

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