Sports books to read while in confinement

Although the cancellation of spring sports in the United States has halted live games for the time being, Brown and white has put together a list of some of the most iconic sports-related books to keep us in that competitive spirit through our forties.

“Friday Night Lights: a city, a team and a dream”

Bissinger Bus

Written in 1990, the plot of this book is set in Odessa, Texas, a small town united by high school football culture. Bissinger captures matches, practices and team meetings, focusing on a few specific players and the coach, each of whom leads uniquely unique lives filled with hardships such as career-ending injuries and the death of parents. . The boys in the book convert their pain into driving and persist in racist environments as they strive to win the state championship by leaning on each other.

“The Book of Yogis”

Yogi berra

This book is a perfect read for those dark days; a good “yogi-ism” can lift the spirits of anyone. For those who may not know who Yogi Berra is, this is also the perfect book for an introduction. Berra may be well known for being one of the best receivers in MLB history or for being a hall of fame, but he’s also known for his incredibly unique and humorous quotes. In her own writings, Berra compiles some of her best one-liners, including background. A very light and silly read, Berra offers lasting entertainment.

“The Mamba mentality: how I play”

Kobe bryant

Earlier this year the world lost a basketball legend. Kobe Bryant was arguably one of the most motivated and talented athletes in history. He dedicated his life to basketball, and it clearly paid off. Bryant was a firm believer in the idea that Kobe (Bryant) on the pitch and Kobe (Bryant) off the pitch were two totally different people. He called himself “The Black Mamba” to separate the two, because “Black Mamba” was his alter ego who played ball and had no worries, and Kobe (Bryant) took care of everything else. off the field. This book provides an overview of how he maintained the separation, the preparation he took to approach a game and how he became the player he was.

“The Winter Boys: The Untold Story of a Coach, a Dream and the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team”

Wayne R. Coffey

A list of great sports books wouldn’t be complete without this book by Wayne R. Coffey, the story that laid the foundation for the 2004 movie “Miracle.” Coffey tells the true story of the 1980 American hockey team and their training journey to beat the undefeated Soviet team. This book follows Coach Herb Brooks and his unconventional approach to building a new team and the reputation that American hockey is a force to be reckoned with. This book is all we could need inspiring, happy, sad, patriotic and proof of the real beauty behind sport and teamwork.

Grover Z. Barnes

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