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How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy author Lynette Rice claimed “there is definitely more out there on a personal level” between series stars Ellen Pompeo, 51, and Patrick Dempsey, 55. It comes after the cast discussed “sorry” among the cast members in a recent episode of Ellen’s Tell Me podcast.

The actress, who plays Meredith Gray in the hit ABC drama, said, “I think only we can understand what this journey was like and we are the only ones who truly understand it and each other.

“And we all lived it with a lot of forgiveness and love for one another.

“And we’ve learned this lesson, that empathy is the way and we’re living our best lives because of it.”

Patrick, who plays neurosurgeon Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on the show, agrees: “Absolutely.”

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The actress also admitted that she and his colleagues had been through “the bad” and “the good” together.

Discussing the candid conversation between the co-stars, Lynette said in an exclusive interview with “There is definitely more out there on a personal level that I don’t know if we’ll ever hear from or, you know, they I think it’s our business to hear.

“And I think she got really close to him too and so when things fall apart I mean it becomes your friend then things get uglier.

“It must have been very, very difficult. “

Discussing Patrick’s brief return to Grey’s Anatomy after his character’s death six years ago, Lynette argued that the explanation for his return seemed “a little suspect.”

She said, “I mean, some of those explanations at the time, as to why he did this, were kind of suspect.

“When they spoke about why he came to the show, he said: ‘It was very important for us to honor those who were on the front lines during the pandemic.

“It sounded a bit misleading, I mean, it’s great of course, yeah, and the show did a fantastic job of describing what it is for hospital workers in the face of the pandemic.

“But that didn’t quite ring true for me.

“But he was so thankful, many times in his posts and stuff, so I think it helped him a lot personally.”

It comes after the show’s former executive producer James D Parriott told Lynette that Patrick “knew he could stop production and scare people” before his character, Dr. Derek Shepherd, was killed. during season 11.

Parriott told Lynette in her unauthorized book: “There were HR issues. It was by no means sexual. He kind of terrorized the set.

“Some of the cast had all kinds of PTSD with him.” contacted a rep for Patrick for comment.

How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy by Lynette Rice is now available for purchase here.

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