The author of the book visits the students of the Tres Pinos school

John Walker talks to students about “KT and the Ride of His Life” and his experience following a bicycle accident.

This article was written by Leila Sadeghian, intern at BenitoLink

A recent Wednesday During recess, author John Walker, who is 6ft 2in, stood out on the Tres Pinos school playground during recess.

A group of students approached Walker to shake his hand before entering their grade 6-8 classroom where he was to talk about his new book, ‘KT and the Ride of His Life’, which is about a teenager victim of a bicycle accident.

Janet Mayou, a volunteer at the school, said Walker gave a brief introduction and answered students’ questions about his age, how much money he earned, what he likes to read and how he writes his stories.

Mayou said the boys showed interest and were able to connect with Walker, as many had bicycles and had been involved in bicycle accidents themselves.

“Several boys proudly showed off their scars,” Mayou said.

She added that Walker promised to return to Alexis Adel’s class after giving signed copies of her book to all students.

In the book, Walker’s protagonist overcomes a serious bicycle accident and defies the odds to make a remarkable recovery.

“My book is about a 15-year-old boy who must learn to walk after a catastrophic bicycle accident while escaping bad guys and finding his way in the world. Think ‘The Hardy Boys’ encounter a bicycle accident,” did he declare.

A former Pajaro Valley Unified School District teacher and retired technical writer/software engineer, Walker suffered a serious bicycle accident.

“I broke my neck, was temporarily paralyzed and had to learn to walk again. I am now fully recovered,” he said.

The book is aimed at teenage audiences, but Walker said many adults also enjoy it.

According to the book’s description on Amazon, the story is set in 1986, when 15-year-old KT Jacobs is forced to live with his aunt and uncle after his father goes missing. He wakes up paralyzed in the hospital after the bicycle accident. However, KT makes a new friend who becomes an inspiration to him and helps him overcome his past.

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